Gang members arrested in Jeffreys Bay

The Jeffreys Bay Police have arrested nearly an entire gang in the town recently that has lead to a sharp downturn in the number of housebreakings and other crime.
It is suspected that gang members are forced to commit crimes like breaking into a house to either become a member of the gang or to remain a member.

Contact crimes like assault have also been reduced as a result, it was revealed at a meeting of the Community Police Forum (CPF).
Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Jeffreys Bay have offered a reward for information that will lead to the arrest of the suspect who raped a young teenager in the town two weeks ago.

Brenton Williams, a DA Councillor on the Kouga Council said that the community will not accept criminals ruling the town and that high profile crimes will be combated by the community. “Rape and other crimes like housebreakings have been identified by the DA as priorities and we will be working with the CPF and the Police to catch those responsible”, said Williams.

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