Main Beach closed for swimming

The latest sewage spill has resulted in an unprecedented move by the Kouga Municipality. For the first time in the long history of sewage spills, the beach has been closed for swimming.

Will this be seen no more? Children at play in a sewage dam in Jeffreys Bay

Laura-Leigh Randall, media liaison for the Municipality said that the beach hasn’t been officially closed yet but that the Law Enforcement Officers are patrolling the beach to keep people out of the water.
“Our Infratructure Directorate is confident the problem at the Koraal Street pump station, the source of this sewerage spill, will be sorted out today.
One of the two pumps at the station packed up and the one remaining pump simply hasn’t been able to keep up – especially with all the rainwater adding to the flow in the sewerage system”, said Randall.

The move was welcomed by the Supertubes Surfing Foundation, who said in a statement that the closing of Main Beach doesn’t solve the sewage problem but at least the problem has now been officially been recognised.
“Up until now the problem has just been ignored by the Municipality as if it didn’t exist and the community was criticised for causing the loss of the Blue Flag status by involving the media when sewage spills occurred” said the Foundation.
Acknowledging that sewage on the beach is a health risk is a move in the right direction added the Foundation.

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