House breakings in J’Bay

Wavecrest has once again been targeted by criminals who broke into the same house twice in Pittosporim Street.
In the first incident, the thieves gained access by opening a window with a trowel they found in the garage. A laptop and cell phone was stolen.

The brazen criminals then returned to the same house and once again tried to gain access through other windows.
The resident contacted the Police and the security company who both arrived shortly afterwards and managed to foil the robbery attempt.
Marina Martinique was targeted on Saturday night when two apartments were broken into by a single burglar.
The Marina security guards were alert and chased the criminal who dropped the laptop he had stolen.
He then fled across the road into the township where the guards were joined by the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch and the Police.
The suspect was spotted several times during the search and dropped a handbag he had stolen, which was also recovered by the Marina security guards.

Marina Martinique resident Brenton Williams who also joined the hunt for the suspect was then given information about the suspect.
“At about 4 am, we had cordoned off an area of houses into which the suspect had fled. An informant then told me that the suspect lived in Ocean View but he was obviously not at home when we went to the address. The Police will be following up on the information and hopefully an arrest will be made”, said Williams.
Residents are urged not to leave unsecured windows open when going to bed at night. Many criminals are looking for opportunity and open windows make their lives easier.

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