Xcel Pro To Go On Standby

The month long waiting period of June starts off with a great looking swell predicted. Thursday 2 June has a clean groundswell forecast along with the early morning northwesterly turning into perfect south west winds later in the day. Although it is only a forecast, the charts do resemble Xcel events of the past, and there is a good chance of the contest running on Thursday.
remi Peterson will be gunning for a win in the 2011 Xcel Pro

“The forecast does look quite good,” said contest director Koffie Jacobs. “We have one objective in this tournament, and that is to run it off in perfect surf. If the conditions are firing on Thursday morning it will give me great pleasure in giving the event the green light.”
There is a full program for the week already, with the waves this morning bombing through at about 4 – 6-foot, and most of the invited surfers out there at the moment for a quick training session. Wednesday sees the opening function take place at The Mexican Restaurant, along with the opening round heat draws, and Thursday could see the event being run off to completion.
Dylan Lightfoot will be surfing hard after his 2nd place in Peru

The contest organisers have been monitoring the charts closely, and Thursday’s swell has a nice little southerly kink on it, which could transform into perfect barrels for the event.
Along with the Wildcard Slot into the VonZipper Superheat, there are a number of other prizes in the mix. The Best Junior Surfer will win R5,000 and the prize for The Best Wave is also R5,000. There is a Firewire Surfboard, valued at R6,500, for The Best Barrel, as well as a Firewire Surfboard for The Best Move of the Contest.

The winner will receive the aforementioned VonZipper Superheat wildcard, a Nixon watch valued at R4,500 as well as R10,000 cash. Xcel will also be presenting the new NSRI Station in Jeffrey’s Bay with a R2,000 cheque for their emergency stand-by on the the day.
Local companies In Step and Steers are also event sponsors.

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