Meet the Kouga Council

The ANC won the local election earlier this month by an extremely narrow margin that saw them win 15 seats to the DA’s 14.
None of the marginal parties who split the vote gained any seats in Council. The first meeting of the new Council will take place on 2 June.
In both the ANC and the DA there is a blend of new and experienced councillors that will hopefully be able to sort out the financial mess that has developed in the Kouga.

Ward 1 (Oyster Bay), the ANC won with a slight majority and the ward Councillor is Julius Mayoni.
Ward 2 (Pellsrus) the ANC won and Earl Hill is the Councillor.
Ward 3 (Eastern side of Wavecrest and Kabeljous) the DA won and Henda Thiart is the Councillor.
Ward 4 (Kruisfontein) the DA won with Freddie Campher becoming the Councillor.
Ward 5 (Kruisfontein/Arcadia) was also won by the DA and Eugene Group is the Councillor.
Ward 6 (Kwanonzamo) was won by the ANC with Phumzile Oliphant becoming the Councillor.
Ward 7 (Thornhill) was won by the ANC with Bulelwa Kolita becoming the Councillor.
Ward 8 (western side of Wavecrest) was won by the DA and David Aldendorff is the Councillor.
Ward 9 (Hankey) was won by the ANC with David Ntshiza becoming the new Councillor.
Ward 10 (Andrieskraal) was won by the ANC and Patrick Kota is the Councillor.
Ward 11 (J’Bay CBD and C-Place) was won by the DA and Mercia Ungerer is the Councillor.
Ward 12 (St Francis Bay) was won by the DA and Ben Rheeder is the Councillor.
Ward 13 (Patensie) was won by the ANC with Vuyelwa Matodlana becoming the Councillor.
Ward 14 (Aston Bay/Paradise Beach/Tokyo Sexwale) was won by Timothy Meleni of the ANC.
Ward 15 (Ocean View) was won by the ANC and Mzukisi Mahlathini is the Councillor.
The Proportional Representatives on the Council are:
Chimpie Cawood
Clive Njela
Nico Botha
Jan Joy
Danny Benzon
Mhoni Speelman
Brenton Williams
Frances Baxter

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Virginia Benjamin
Magdalena Dlomo
Angelina Maseti
Vernon Stuurman
Zenzile Blouw
Booi Koerat
The ANC will be choosing the new mayor with Virginia Benjamin, Magdalena Dlomo and Booi Koerat all in contention at this stage.

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