ANC wins Kouga with a small majority

The 2011 municipal election was a close affair in the Kouga with two parties, the ANC and the DA both receiving strong support.
The ANC ended up with 15 seats and the DA with 14 on the local council. The split vote due to the election being contested by marginal parties like Kouga 2000 and the Vryheidsfront Plus (VP) cost the DA the election.
The ANC received 33 791 votes while the DA received 32 932. Kouga 2000 had 486 votes while the VP received 526.
Should the marginal parties given their support to the DA in this election, we would have seen a DA run municipality for the next 5 years.
The ANC will have the right to name the new mayor and with the municipal budget needing to be approved, a council meeting will have to be held by the end of May.

The DA will be represented on Council by stalwarts like former Mayor Chimpie Cawood and he will be joined by newcomers like well known community leader Brenton Williams who will be serving his first stint as a Councillor.
“It is disappointing that the DA didn’t win the election outright but hopefully we will be able to engage with the ANC and get the town up and running again”, said Williams.
Should the new ANC led Council decide to employ the mayoral committee again, the DA will be effectively removed from all the important decision making processes.
It is interesting times ahead for Jeffreys Bay.

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