Swimming with Great White Sharks

South Africans are a different breed to the rest of the world. This is borne out by the extreme things South Africans excel at particularly in the sports realm.
We love rugby, one of the most brutal full contact sports there is and the heavier the tackles and the harder the big men hit the rucks, the move we enjoy it.

As a nation we have punched above our weight in the boxing ring and have produced world champions like Baby Jake Matlala, Vic Toweel, Dingaan Thobela, Brian Mitchell and Gerrie Coetzee.
We have produced some of the most extreme swimmers in the world with Lewis Pugh completing a 1 Km in -1.7 degree water at the North Pole and a Cape Town crew of swimmers recently became the first human beings ever to swim around the Southern most tip of South America in hectic conditions.
Then we have South Africans who swim unprotected with Great White Sharks. Mike Rutzen can be seen in the following video clip hitching a ride on a big Great White near Cape Town.

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