Use your vote wisely

Helen Zille, the leader of the DA has issued to a challenge to South Africans: Put the DA to the test and see what has changed in 5 years time! Read what she has to say!

South Africans of all races have learnt that if they support a party that has failed them, it will continue to fail them. That is why blind loyalty to a political party in a democracy is a bad thing. It allows corruption to flourish. It allows governments to get away with poor service delivery. It allows political parties to forget about the people and enrich themselves.
The people of South Africa are being neglected because the politicians in power think that the voters will keep voting for them whatever happens.
If we don’t break this cycle, we will never get anywhere. This election is your chance to take our democracy to the next level; this is your chance to help our democracy succeed.
We are asking you to lend us your vote so that we can prove what we can do in government.
If every voter who wants change goes out and votes DA on election day, we can win. If we win, we will get to work straight away. Everything we do will be to improve your lives. After five years, you will see a difference.

If you don’t see a difference after five years, you can take your vote somewhere else at the next election. That is the point of a democracy. Your vote belongs to you and nobody else. It is your power.
So use your vote wisely. Don’t just give it away to the same party for old time’s sake. Think about the future.
Put us to the test on Wednesday. Vote DA.
Helen Zille

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