Garden Route Earthquake confirmed at 4.3 magnitude

The United States Geological Survey has confirmed that the earthquake that shook building in Kynsna, Plettenberg Bay, George and the Langkloof as being 4.3 magnitude according to the Richter Scale.
The epicenter of the earthquake was 33.700°S, 22.800°E, which is very close to the R 62 tourist route. It occurred 43 km NE of George and 44 Km NW of Knysna and about 200 km west of Jeffreys Bay. The depth the earthquake was 5 km.

A 4.3 on the Richter scale is regarded as a light earthquake with noticeable shaking of indoor items and rattling noises. Significant damage to infrastructure is unlikely. An estimated 6 200 magnitude 4 earthquakes occur every year around the world.
What is of serious concern to residents along the Garden Route is that Eskom is planning to build a nuclear reactor at Thyspunt, which is less than 200 km from where the earthquake took place. The Impact Studies conducted by Eskom have downplayed the danger of an earthquake to the extent where it is not really regarded as a risk at all.

Seismic activity appears to be on the increase worldwide and there is no guarantee that South Africa will be exempt from this phenomena. We accept that earthquakes are an act of God, but what we cannot accept is being placed in unnecessary danger by having nuclear power stations build along our coastline.
The Thyspunt Alliance and other organizations like the Supertubes Surfing Foundation must be supported in their fight to prevent the construction of a nuclear reactor at Thyspunt.
The danger of what can go wrong is too great to ignore. In Japan, the evacuation zone around the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has just been increased as authorities admit they have not been able to contain the radiation fallout.

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