Earthquake tremor felt in Garden Route

An earthquake caused mild tremors along the Garden Route at around 16:15 yesterday afternoon. The tremors were felt in Kynsna, Plettenberg Bay, George and even as far afield as the Langkloof.
Residents reported walls and floors of houses shaking, while light damage to property has been reported from Twee Riviere in the Langkloof.

The Koeberg Nuclear power plant is only 8 km from the Milnerton Fault that caused a huge earthquake 200 years ago.

The following comments were received by SA Weather Observer website
Anthony Breakey writes: My wife and I felt the earth tremor at 16h12 in Heatherpark, George today.
Rae writes: Felt tremor in Knysna. Walls and floors of house shook.
Roger Paarman and family felt the earth tremor just after p.m. 4 in the Wilderness Heights, whole house shock for a few seconds
Tremor felt in The Langkloof ( Twee Riviere ) but according to family, light and no structural damage. – Derek ZS2J
The cause of the earthquake is still unknown but it is too close for comfort to the proposed nuclear facility that Eskom plans to build at Thyspunt.
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The SA Weather Observer did issue this precautionary:
“It is not known whether this tremor is a pre-shock to a major earthquake. Earthquakes fall into 3 categories. Some have fore-shocks, some show subtle signs, and others have aftershocks.
Earthquakes are still not predictable. Some have no warning at all and never show any signs of happening. The third group follow no pattern at all, they go seemingly randomly, and they can not even be estimated. It is very hard to tell which fault will be in which group, and this is why prediction is still impossible. The designation of an earthquake as fore-shock, main-shock or after-shock is therefor only possible after the main event.”

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