DA and COPE unite for upcoming election in Kouga

Positive negotiations between the leadership of both the DA and COPE took place in Humansdorp recently.
The positive atmosphere at the meeting resulted from healthy cooperation between the two parties during a by-election in Humansdorp and Kwanomzamo two years ago.
During the upcoming local municipal elections COPE unfortunately did not manage to register their candidates in Kouga and Koukamma in time due to an administrative blunder.
After lengthy discussions the two parties resolved that they share a common view with regard to the municipal election:
• The ANC must be stopped in both Kouga and Koukamma due to corruption, financial and administrative malfunctioning and poor service delivery.
• Both the DA and COPE want Kouga and Koukamma to render “clean” administration and top class service delivery.
With the above in mind the COPE leadership in Kouga and Koukamma recommended the following:
• That their followers remain members of the COPE party;
• That due to the fact that COPE could not register candidates in Kouga & Koukamma, their followers will vote for the Democratic Alliance.
• That future cooperation between the DA and COPE be jointly decided.
The DA leadership in Kouga and Koukamma agreed to incorporate COPE members in local municipal structures.
The election takes place on 18 May. Make sure you vote and save J’Bay.

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