Jeffreys Bay needs a strong Residents association

The new Jeffreys Bay Ratepayers Association (JBRA) committee has been in place for just over 2 months.
One of the first steps agreed by the committee was to introduce a new class of membership, known as non-voting membership, for which there is no charge.
The standard R40 annual membership, now known as voting membership, has been retained. The association now has 147 non-voting members and 85 voting members, a total of 232 members. While this is nearly double the 2010 membership, it is still a long way short of the target of 1,000 members by July.

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A new website has been setup at www.jbayra.com . This website is intended to be the major interface between residents and the association.
The chairman, Trevor Watkins, made inputs on behalf of the JBRA to the Integrated Development Plan process, and filed a list of 36 issues on the KM budget.
The vice chairman, Dr Gustav Barnard, has been appointed to the KM Financial Oversight Committee, and has made application to sit on the KM Audit committee. He also attended a meeting with the KM mayor on the issue.
St Francis has a very active residents association with over 700 members paying R150 pa. Surely Jeffreys Bay, with 3 times as many residents, can do at least as well.

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