Kouga budget meeting tomorrow

THE Kouga Council will be meeting tomorrow at 11am with both the municipal budget for 2011/12 and the revised Integrated Development Plan (IDP) due to be tabled at the meeting.
Kouga Speaker Magdalene Dlomo said there has been overwhelming public feedback regarding the proposed budget for 2011/12.
“The official cut-off day for feedback was April 21, but we received numerous comments after this date.

“We want to ensure that all these comments are either addressed in the budget or that proper explanations are given to the public if their comments could not be accommodated. That is why we’re allowing the municipal administration an additional week to work through the public submissions” said Dlomo
The Speaker emphasised that the Council wanted the new budget to be a document by the people, for the people.
“Our role as the Council is to ensure a better life for all. The IDP and budget are important tools to help make this a reality.”
Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting. To book a seat contact Petru Krugel at 042 2002 200.

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