Holiday boost for Jeffreys Bay

The extended holidays in April, which saw the schools break early in the month, coupled with a late Easter, ensured a good turnover of business for the town.
Additional events like the South African Open Water Swim Champs also brought in hundreds of feet to the town, including Olympian swimmers Natalie du Toit, Chad Ho and Troyden Prinsloo.
Some food establishments have reported a marked upswing in revenue when compared to April last year and according to Jeffreys Bay Tourism, most of the accommodation establishments are very satisfied with the number of guests who came on holiday.

Retail shops in the town have also done well, adding a much needed boost until the Billabong Pro in July, which traditionally brings thousands of visitors to Jeffreys Bay.
Surf tourism is also due to pick up over the next few months, as wave riders from all over the world descend on Jeffreys Bay to ride the perfect wave.
It has been a good start to the wave season, with solid 6 foot swells hitting the coast during April. The consistency of the surf made for some epic days, with over 60 surfers in the water, jostling for waves at Supertubes.
With the global economy still struggling to recover, April has been a much needed boost for the local economy and this is good news for all locals.

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