J'Bay supports Japan and makes an anti Nuke stance

On Saturday 30th April 2011, community members from across Jeffreys Bay, St Francis and the Kouga region are banding together to raise awareness for the Japanese coastal communities devastated by the Tsunami and ongoing Nuclear crisis.

No Nuke at Thyspunt!!!!

“The situation as a whole can seem overwhelming, and it’s easy for us to become paralyzed by the scope and magnitude of the disaster. This event is a chance for local community’s to take practical action in an easy and fun way. It’s about standing in solidarity with those affected by this triple disaster. It’s also pretty close to home considering the ongoing proposal to build a nuclear reactor on our doorstep.” Said Trudi Malan from the Thyspunt Alliance.
The event will begin at the Beach Break car park opposite checkers at 1pm on Saturday the 30th April 2011. The aim is to paddle, walk or skate to Albatross Car Park.
· The walkers will walk along the beach whilst the surfers paddle
· The Skaters will head down Da gama Road.
· Everyone participating will stop at Supertubes to make a circle in the water for Tsunami Victims as well as a No Nuke sign on the beach. Thereafter the participants will continue down to Albatross Car Park.
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“It’s a long paddle, but it’s a good challenge for a great cause,” said Ludi Du Toit, Chairperson of the Jeffreys Bay Boardriders Club. The JBU, Thyspunt Alliance and the community as a whole are all getting behind the event.
The event also aims to raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear power, following explosions at several of Japan’s nuclear power stations after the tsunami.
Anybody is welcome to attend and show their support. There is a suggested minimum donation of R20, with 100% of all proceeds going straight to tsunami relief. Even if you can’t afford the donation you are still encouraged to come down and join in.
Participants are asked to dress in either white and red representing Japan, or black and yellow for No Nukes at Thyspunt.
For more info on the event please call Stephanie Zehmke on 0422962956 or Roy Harley on 0827739529

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