R 200 million missing from Kouga Municipality

The long awaited Auditor General’s report into the finances of Kouga Municipality has revealed massive irregularities totalling in the region of R 200 million.
The Weekend Post revealed unauthorised expenditure of R 75 Million due to overspending of the approved budget, bad debts, overspending on the salary budget, grants and interest.

A common sight at Main beach - another sewage dam.

Irregular expenditure of R 27 Million was also identified by the Auditor General.
R 16 Million could not be accounted for due to incomplete documentation.
Fruitless and wasteful expenditure of R 5 Million plus R 21 Million that was written off by the ANC led Council.

There is also concern that around R 20 Million is owed to Eskom, who could quite literally turn off the power to the towns of Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay.
The decline in serviced experienced by the residents of the towns concerned can be explained by the under spending on the maintenance budget.
The ballooning salary bill due to the “jobs for pals” cronyism that is occurring in the Municipality has a large part to play in the terminal decline of services.
Sewage spills in Humansdorp were also criticized by the Auditor General, which together with the regular spills onto Main Beach in Jeffreys Bay prove that the current Council is incapable of running the town effectively.
The time for apathy is over. Residents have the opportunity to make a difference and vote the ANC out of power in the town in the upcoming local elections. The Democratic Alliance is the only viable option to save J’Bay. How many millions would go missing under the current regime over the next five years should they remain in power?

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