Beware when locking your car with a remote

The Jeffreys Bay Police arrested suspects in the town yesterday with a device that neutralizes a vehicle’s central locking system. The device is well known in the Gauteng region but is the first time it has been found in Jeffreys Bay.
Warrant Officer Petra Els from the J’bay Police said that residents must make sure their vehicles are indeed locked when using the remote. “The device jams the central locking system and the car is then left unprotected when people park it and go the shops or inside their homes”, said Els.
Residents are also urged to make sure their doors are locked and windows are secured when going to bed at night. Wavecrest is experienced an upswing in housebreakings and some of them can be attributed to negligence on the behalf of the resident. Criminals are often seeking an opportunity and will identify a house they perceive to be an easy target.

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