Paradise Beach is crime free

Residents of Paradise Beach have had the good fortune of enjoying a crime free period of no less than 5 months. Only two incidents since 13 April mar this picture. Both cases were relatively minor with thefts of a copper tap and pipe from the same unoccupied holiday house occurring on two different days.

Recent reports of sightings at night of a possible bush dweller in the vicinity of Dawnview, Harmony, Immergroen and Seebries Avenues have been investigated without any results.
Incidents like this are often a precursor to a spate of housebreakings.
The Paradise Beach Neighbourhood Watch does need extra volunteers to help secure the safety and security of the suburb. The effectiveness of the Watch is borne out by the virtual absence of crime in Paradise during the past year.
Should any resident of the suburb be willing to volunteer their time, they can phone John Wiehahn on 082 303 7325.

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