J Bay Police recover stolen Pistol

A visitor from Port Elizabeth was attacked by gangsters near Ocean View recently and his pistol was stolen after he had been hit over the head with a golf club and stabbed four times in the head.

The Jeffreys Bay Crime Prevention Unit followed up on information received and arrested Shane “Rho” Titus (28 years), Edward Blauw (27 Years) and two juveniles only twenty minutes after the incident.
The pistol was found in the possession of one of the suspects.
A man was also arrested with 30 envelopes of dagga in the Tjoksville area. The 53 year old suspect Zwelake Vutuza was charged with dealing.
Warrant Officer Els from the Jeffreys Bay Police thanked the community for providing information about criminal activities. “The community is sick and tired of the criminals and is working with the Police to get them off the streets and into jail where they belong”, said Els.

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