Price your property to sell

The property market has changed. This realisation has taken time to settle in the minds of particularly sellers in the current market.
The boom of the mid 2000’s is something of the past and it may take many years before the cycle is repeated.

The Insight property team with Trevor Gaw

In the meantime the real estate industry is receiving a shakeup that will see a more professional and ethical approach from the agents.
Insight Properties has recognised the change and is determined to remain a market leader in the Jeffreys Bay property market.
“We have to up our game and do things differently”, said Grant Comley from Insight. “We realised that we have to change what we are doing if we are not getting what we want”.
Insight engaged the services of real estate guru, Trevor Gaw who is a well known motivational speaker and trainer in the industry.
“We have always done it this way” are the seven most dangerous words in the business world today”, said Trevor.
“I will be helping Grant and the team from Insight to educate the market as to what is actually happening in the real estate world today.
The biggest problem is that sellers want prices for their houses that have become unrealistic. Price the property to sell and it will sell. Price a house to list and it will stay listed”, added Trevor.

The Insight team will be going through a 12 month mentoring period with Trevor that will focus on the real value of property, different strategies of marketing, negotiations and ethics.
“We are determined to set the benchmark of how the real estate industry should function and want to make a difference in Jeffreys Bay”, said Comley. “The training that we receive from Trevor is helping us along that path so that ultimately both sellers and buyers of property in Jeffreys Bay will benefit.

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