Time for change

“You can choose five more years of bribery, corruption and poor service delivery or you can choose the DA”

Helen Zille

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Howls of protest about the lack of service delivery are being heard across the land and with good reason.
Municipalities in South Africa are in poor shape after having suffered mismanagement, corruption, nepotism and sheer inefficiency over the past decade and a half.
Jeffreys Bay is no exception and since becoming part of a wider Kouga Municipality there has been an alarming decline in the services in the town.

A common sight at Main beach - another sewage dam.

One example is the sewage spills on Main Beach which have been happening for years and are just getting worse. Dams are now being constructed on the beach at Kitchen Window surf break to prevent the flow of sewage into the ocean.
After subjecting Main Beach to contamination, Jeffreys Bay eventually lost the coveted Blue Flag accreditation. The beaches are the prime assets of our town and deserve to be treated with respect.
Our honourable mayor, Mr Robbie Dennis did not cover himself with any glory when he blamed the community for being disloyal and going to the media about the continual sewage spills on our beaches.
We have a right to clean beaches that are safe for our children to play on. Our ocean must be safe for us to swim and surf. Our beaches must bring in the tourism rands, dollars and euros.
The protests surrounding President Zuma’s visit to Port Elizabeth are testimony to how things have changed in South Africa. Can anybody even consider Nelson Mandela not been honoured and respected when he visited the communities of South Africa as President of the country?
It is time for change……

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