Surf community has fun in the sun to honour Manfred Kuttig

The beachbreak at Checkers was a hive of activity on Saturday as the JBU organised Manfred Kuttig Memorial Day got underway in sunny conditions.
Manfred, the son of old time locals Hardo and Heather Kuttig sadly passed away in 2003 and the surf community has paid its respect to Manfy by holding a fun day in honour of their fallen brother.

“We decided to make the day as much fun as possible as Manfy was a fun loving guy who was always making us laugh”, said Koffie Jacobs who organized the day. “We are stoked that it has turned out to be a family day that gets the whole J’Bay surf community together in a relaxed atmosphere”.
With events like tug of war, tyre throwing, funny dress and tag team surfing, there was always going to be a lot of laughter and fun with Koffie joining in and winning the impromptu dance competition.

A sight not often seen in J'Bay.........Koffie Jacobs on his way to winning the dance competition.

The memorial day was put together as a friendly competition between the JBU and the J’Bay Boardriders Clubs with a PE surf club called CYOH joining in for the festivities.
Dylan Lightfoot led the charge from the Boardriders by easily winning the Paddle Battle but there was just nobody who was going to beat Big Mike Truswell from the JBU in the tyre throwing competition.
Big Mike chilling with his son Hardo, the nephew of Manfred, after winning the tyre throwing competition.

More beers and boerewors rolls flowed and got consumed in the heat of the day as the events continued with the Boardriders winning the dart throwing through John Day while everyone got ready for the main event of the day, the tug of war.
The J'bay surf community at the Manfred Memorial Day

Despite the beers and mellow vibes, there is always a lot of determination when it comes to the tug of war and this year was no exception. We breed the boys big in J’Bay and it was always going to be the JBU vs JBU in the tug of war!!
Arthur Joubert and his team were not going to stand back for the “A” team of Frank Knuckles and crew and after a few bad rope burns pulled, Knuckles and crew through the sand to claim the title.
The JBU winning the tug of war competition.

After a long day in the sun the paddle out to honour Manfred took place and with rugby starting at 5 Pm, prize giving was held with the JBU winning the overall event by a slight margin. It was the perfect way to remember Manfy.
You don't mess with this crew in the water or on land. The JBU won the team event.

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