Drugs dealing a major problem in J'Bay

The brazen dealing in drugs was raised by concerned community members at the monthly general meeting of the Community Police Forum (CPF) last night.
Drug dealers who easily obtain bail was also mentioned as a problem in the war against drugs in Jeffreys Bay.

Morne Van Vuuren from UCAN, a drug rehabilitation organization in Jeffreys Bay said that dagga, mandrax and tik were the drugs most prevalent amongst the Coloured community while cocaine and heroin were the drugs of choice for the White community of Jeffreys Bay.
It is relatively easy for drug users to buy drugs in the town with drug houses being situated mainly in Pellsrus while dealers also operate in the Wavecrest area as well.
The Police urge the community to supply information about drug dealers and they are following up on information already received.
“We will protect the identity of anybody who gives information”, said Captain Botes from the Crime Prevention Unit. “Catching the dealers with large enough quantities of drugs is not easy as they often just carry small amounts with them when selling. However, it is an ongoing fight that, together with the community, we as the Police will continue with.”
|Anybody with information about drug dealing in the town can phone Warrant Officer Els on 0798999061.

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