No more sewage dams on Main Beach

A bizarre plan has been hatched by the Jeffreys Bay Municipality to solve the ongoing sewage spills onto Main Beach.
The plan involves building a pipe out to sea at the popular surf break Kitchen Window which will then be used to pump the town’s sewage straight out to sea.

Construction of the new sewage pipe will extend from the oveflow at the pump station near the ski boat club.

The pipe will be constructed from the pump station at the ski boat club and will unfortunately destroy Kitchen Window surf break, as part of the reef may have to blasted to accommodate the pipe that will extend 500 m out to sea.
Ms Thembisa Talkshiti, the newly appointed Environmental officer for the J’Bay Municipality is convinced the hare brained scheme will work.
“We have studied how other municipalities deal with their sewage and found that East London has the best practice. They pump all their sewage straight out to sea and the problem is solved”, said Talkshiti, who holds a diploma in environmental management from the University of Uganda.
“By building a pipe and sending the sewage to the sea we will not have to upgrade the sewage infrastructure in Jeffreys Bay which would have cost R 40 million. The pipe will only cost R 5 million so we are sure the rate payers will be very happy as we will be saving a lot of money”.
The surf community are understandably up in arms about the proposal as Kitchen Window is a highly popular surf break and a huge concrete pipe build along the reef will destroy the break.
Andy Thysman,a well known surfer has been riding waves at Kitchens for many years and is fuming about the proposal. “Nothing surprises me anymore but this plan takes the cake. Now they want to turn our surf break into a huge sewage dam instead of upgrading the crumbling sewage infrastructure”, said Thysman. “The surf community will certainly oppose this and won’t give up without a fight”.
However, Ms Talkshiti was surprised that the surfers are unhappy about the pipe. “First the surfers moan about sewage on the beach and now that we are going to fix this, they start moaning about sewage in the sea. The surfers in East London are happy with the sewage being pumped out at Nahoon Reef so why the problem here?” she asked. “Maybe we must introduce the bucket system into Wavecrest and solve the sewage crisis that way”.
Construction of the pipe is due to begin immediately and is due for completion on 1 April 2012.

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