Make sure you report crime

Several accommodation establishments in Jeffreys Bay have voiced their concern at the rising number of thefts they are experiencing at present.

The incidents include stealing of money and personal possessions of guests as well as theft from the guest houses themselves.

Warrant Officer Petra Els from the Jeffreys Bay Police explained that all crime needs to be reported for the Police to effectively combat the situation. “We work according to the current crime trends in the town and if crimes are not being reported, then they will have no impact on how we view what is happening at present”, said Els.

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The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) supported W/O Els and said that the community must become pro active in the fight against crime in the town. “We are aware that people feel that it is pointless to report crime as nothing is done about it”, said Sue Smit, the secretary of the CPF. “But if the Police do not know that a crime has been committed, then how can they do anything about it?”

The CPF is the conduit between the community and the Police and can advise the Police on problems being faced by the community. Should you have any information about criminal activities in Jeffreys Bay, drop an email to [email protected] and let the CPF know about it. Together we can make a difference.

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