Stephen Bibb is alive and well

Reports that identified well known local artist Stephen Bibb as having been stabbed are not true and he is still alive and kicking.
“I haven’t had a night out on the town for many years that I have forgotten what it feels like”, laughed Bibb.

A painting by Stephen Bibb

“With two kids to look after and a job there isn’t even much time left in the day to paint, never mind going on the jol or even to surf”, added the world renowned surf artist.
It was actually another air brush artist in town, Stefan Van Der Watt who was attacked recently and stabbed a number of times. Luckily Stefan managed to fight off his attacker and is just about fully recovered after his ordeal.
One of the stab wounds suffered by Stefan Van der Watt in the attack

“I did appreciate all the phone calls to find out if I am alright”, said Bibb. “It was great to know that in this day and age that so many people still care”.
The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) requests that residents be aware when walking around late at night and to avoid walking alone.

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