No more "jobs for pals" in J'Bay

South Africa’s fourth democratic local government elections is the first time voters will properly able to compare political parties’ track records.
In this election, voters will have the opportunity to compare five years of DA government in Cape Town with five years of ANC government in Johannesburg.

Keep our beaches clean. Sewage spewing onto Main Beach is unacceptable and is caused by a decaying sewage infrastructure.

The Western Cape has been ranked tops in terms of governance and service delivery by many bodies including the ANC government’s own audit apparatus.
The South African Institute for Race Relations also found that more poor people had access to free basic services in the Western Cape than anywhere else in the country.
Midvaal, the only DA-run municipality in Gauteng has consistently come up tops for service delivery in its province. It is reported that this year, Midvaal received its 8th unqualified audit in ten years. Last year, it was ranked number one in the province in the annual ‘quality of life’ survey.”
Helen Zille, the leader of the DA has used the Kouga municipality as a prime example. “The best contrast between ANC and DA government was the case of the Kouga municipality in the Eastern Cape”, said Zille.
“In 2000, when the DA took office, the municipality was bankrupt and struggling to deliver basic services. By 2002, the DA had turned the municipality around. Its finances were sound and services were delivered like clockwork. That year, the DA lost control of the municipality to the ANC, against the will of the voters, through floor-crossing. Two years later, in 2004, the municipality was bankrupt again.”
The local election takes place on 18 May. With the crumbling infrastructure in Jeffreys Bay, jobs for pals, inefficient administration and a municipality heading towards bankruptcy, we need to take a long hard look at the facts. It is time for a change.

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