J’Bay Police swoop in early morning raid

Cold and rainy conditions did little to deter the law enforcers of Jeffreys Bay from taking the war against crime to the criminals with much success in the early hours of Friday morning.
A major clean up of the beachfront from Lower Point to Supertubes was planned by the Police and the Community Police Forum (CPF) but the rainy weather saw a change of plan take place.

W/O Douglas arrested a suspect shortly after a housebreaking occured last night.

The Police identified suspects, including known criminals and a number of arrests were made early in the evening, which ensured that very little crime was reported until well after midnight.
The operation which was led by Colonel Ntsabo, the Station Commissioner of the Jeffreys bay Police Station saw Wavecrest saturated with Police vehicles including the Dog Unit and Policemen from other sectors of the town.
“We are not sitting back and allowing the criminals to rule Jeffreys Bay”, said Ntsabo. “Together with the CPF we will take the war to the criminals and we will win. A number of housebreakings were thwarted during the evening and the successful arrest of a housebreaker will show the criminals that we mean business”.
Warrant Officer Douglas from the Dog Unit made an arrest after a cell phone was stolen from a property in C Place. The area was quickly sealed off by the Police when information was received that the suspect was seen in the vicinity of the Shell Garage. W/O Douglas was patrolling in Da Gama Road and woke up some people sleeping near the municipality.
“One of them fitted the description of the suspect so I made him stand up and saw he dropped something. I noticed he was wet and didn’t look like he had been sleeping. Then I saw the cell phone which was later identified as the stolen phone and we arrested the suspect”, said Douglas.

A major problem facing the Police is the number of windows that are left open by residents when they go to sleep at night. Many of them are not even fitted with burglar bars.
“We lost count of the number of homes that are not secured” said Brenton Williams from the CPF, who accompanied the Police on the operation. “Unfortunately, to the criminals this is regarded as an invitation to try their luck as they are after cell phones, lap tops and cash as can be seen from the break in that occurred in C Place last night”.
Colonel Ntsabo has again made a request to the community to be vigilant and to protect themselves. “Victims of crime say to us that they didn’t think it would be possible for a criminal to gain access through a window on the second story of a house. A ‘skelm’ will make a plan to get up there so please secure your homes and help the Police to fight crime in Jeffreys Bay”, said Ntsabo.
More anti crime operations are planned that will include the Neighbourhood Watches and the CPF. Community members who would like to become involved can contact Warrant Officer Els on 0798899061 or the secretary of the CPF, Sue Smit on 0828642714.

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