Why should you become a member of the Residents Association?

In order to protect our right to decent service from the Kouga Municipality, we must all stand together with other Jeffreys Bay residents.  As an individual resident or ratepayer, you are easily ignored. As a group of hundreds or thousands, your collective voice must and will be heard.
THE Residents Association offers the following facilities to our members:
The JBRA provides useful information to residents  at its new website.
On the website you can review the list of important issues facing Jeffreys Bay, and the Council’s reactions to them.
The committee engages with the officials of Kouga Municipality regularly on your behalf, raising residents’ concerns and seeking answers.
You can record your municipal issues  in a new data base, or pass them on to a committee member directly.

You can help to keep Jeffreys Bay the way you want it. Join the Residents Association and have your say. Photo: ASP

You can join the association at no cost, as a non-voting member. All that is required for you to join is to provide us with your name and contact details. You can do this by completing the online form
The cost for voting membership is R40 per year. A voting member is entitled to vote on resolutions at the general meetings and AGM of the JBRA. It is recommended that each family includes at least one voting member, and all the other adults as non-voting members, although this is not a requirement.
The JBRA wants to sign up 1,000 new members in the next 4 months, Sign up as this is an important contribution that you can make to the welfare and future of our beautiful town.

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