Jennifer Hooke…..RIP

The life support system that was keeping Jennifer Hooke alive after a horse riding accident, was turned off over the weekend. The accident is regarded as one of those things that happen as Jen was wearing all her safety gear when the fall occurred.

Jennifer and Roger Hooke

The Hooke family came from Durban originally and Jennifer together with husband Roger moved down to Jeffreys Bay in the 1980’s when the abundant schools of chokka were discovered in the area. Roger, together with his brother Gary, were amongst the first of the fishermen from Kwazulu Natal to move to Jeffreys Bay with their ski boats.
The family later became involved in processing and exporting chokka overseas. After living in Jeffreys Bay for a number of years, Roger and Jen moved to St Francis Bay and later to Port Elizabeth.
Besides horse riding, Jennifer was involved in other sports such as triathlon, paddling and the Iron Man.She is survived by husband Roger and daughters Jade and Kendal
The funeral will take place in Port Elizabeth on Friday 18 March at St Marks Church in Westering at 2 Pm.
RIP Jen……
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