Nuclear fallout spreads in Japan

Fears are mounting that the nuclear meltdown in Japan may send plumes of radioactive contamination over nearby cities and across the Pacific Ocean as the nuclear emergency worsens in the devastated country.
There is still no official word on just how badly the affected nuclear power plants in Japan have been damaged but officials are treating the situation as if meltdown has occurred.
The Tsunami that caused the damage also hit the shores of America, Hawaii and Chile after wreaking havoc along the coastline of Japan. These video clips show the path of the Tsunami across the Pacific Ocean.
The potential nuclear contamination caused by the Honshu earthquake could reach the coast of America according to the model below:

The possibility of an aftershock that could exceed 6 on the Richter scale also exists which could cause another Tsunami to occur, would seriously hamper rescue efforts and attempts to cool down the stricken nuclear reactors in Japan.
To see how a Tsunami forms have a look at this interactive graphic

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