Last chance for voters to register this weekend

How do I check if I am registered
If you have access to a computer or a cell phone, checking if you are registered is very easy.
Visit the Election website Election website and enter your ID number and you will quickly find out if or where you are registered.
Via cell phone, simply sms your ID number to 32810.
What if I am not registered?
The final voter registration takes place this weekend (5/6 March) in Jeffreys Bay. The suburbs in the town have been divided into different zones known as wards.

For example, if you live in Aston Bay, you will be part of Ward 14 and would have to register at the Aston Bay Community Hall.
C Place residents have to register at the Newton Hall and the Wavecrest and Kabeljous voters have to register either at the tent in Tecoma Street at Lower Point or at the NG Church at the top of Wavecrest.
Should you be unsure as to which ward you must vote in, visit one of the registration points this weekend and ask them to check for you.
Remember you can still vote, even if you have moved suburbs and haven’t told the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission – who run the election on behalf of South Africa). You would just vote in the suburb you are registered in.

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