Thieves caught on camera

A computer shop in town was robbed earlier this week and the brazen thieves were caught on camera whilst helping themselves to a laptop from the premises.

In the first frame the two suspects can be seen entering the shop and looking around at what is on offer.

The opportunity has presented itself and one of the “shoppers” now heads behind the counter for a different kind of shopping experience.

The second suspect now also drifts behind the counter to see what goods just cannot be resisted by any self respecting thief.

Laptop in hand the “happy shoppers” leave the shop. They left the power adaptor behind, and other computer shops are requested to keep an eye out for the two suspects.
The laptop model is:  HP G61 – Piano black top, silver bottom half when opened, keyboard with numeric keypad. If anyone comes across the laptop, please contact the shop as soon as possible on the following numbers:
Office: 042 293 1520
Cell: 083 227 1783 (Stephan)
Cell: 083 227 0902 (Charmaine)

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