Terminal decline in Jeffreys Bay Municipal leadership

“Tender irregularities appear to be rife and the working relationship between senior managers has deteriorated to such an extent that efficient administration of the municipality is likely to break down soon if there is no intervention”
So says the Chairman of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Jeffreys Bay Region, Dr. Nico Botha,who  recently expressed his party’s concern about the apparent decline in effective governance from the Kouga Municipality.
“A number of key issues stand out,” said Botha who is the former Municipal Manager of Jeffreys Bay.
“The adjustment budget was approved in a way that is not consistent with current legislation in order to fund a significant increase in staff expenditure (from R147 million to R171 million). This means that spending on repair and maintenance would be reduced by 40%, thereby allowing the town’s infrastructure to deteriorate even further.”
“Both the CFO and the Mayor are of the opinion that providing jobs to locals is one of the primary functions of the municipality, with a negative impact on effective service delivery.”

Dr. Botha repeated his warning that the municipality is finding it increasingly difficult to pay their creditors on time, if at all. This includes the monthly payment to Eskom.
“The time for a change in local government is long overdue,” he said. “The Democratic Alliance is ready, willing and able to come to the rescue of the people of the Kouga if elected during the 2011 municipal election.”

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