J’Bay Rate Payers meeting tonight

Many residents are unhappy with the degradation of services in Jeffreys Bay that include regular sewage spills on the beach, burst water pipes, rubbish piling up on the beachfront and a municipality that couldn’t care less.
Yet, many residents also sit on the side lines and complain without actually getting involved and becoming part of the solution.
A question that is often asked is how can I get involved? There are a number of answers to this question and there is a perfect opportunity to have your say tonight at the Annual General Meeting of the Jeffreys Bay Ratepayers Association (JBRPA).

A common sight at Main beach - another sewage dam.

The meeting will be held at the Jeffreys Bay tennis club at 18h00 tonight. Under discussion will be whether ratepayers should embark on a rates boycott or not. This type of boycott has worked well in a town like Sannieshof in the Free State and it will be interesting to see how residents of Jeffreys Bay feel about implementing a similar strategy in our town.
Another way that residents can become involved is by voting in the upcoming municipal election. The weekend of 5/6 of March is the final opportunity for residents to register as a voter. According to Elza van Lingen, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the region, all residents have an obligation to make sure they are registered to vote. “We cannot complain about the way the Municipality is being run if we don’t even use our democratic right to vote for who we want to run the town”, said Elza.
Residents can check if they are registered by entering their ID number on the Election website which will instantly tell you if you are registered and in which suburb. Click here and make sure you can have your say in May.
Phone 079 886 7899 and start to live lean and Love Life in 2011

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