We need the power but we dont need a Nuke at Thyspunt

The benefits of generating power from nuclear energy are outweighed by the negative influences that a power station will cause should it be built at Thyspunt. It can be argued that nuclear power is cleaner than coal, but what about the nuclear waste that the industy admits has to be stored on site for many, many years?
The social impact that Thypunt will have on the entire Kouga region cannot be underestimated. Eskom admits in the Impact Studies that an increase in crime, alcohol and drug abuse and prostitution will take place. We already have too much crime in our region and certainly do not need our already overworked Police to take more strain.
Eskom’s arguments that the dumping on millions of tons of sand into the ocean will have little effect on the environment are not convincing to say the least and the danger posed to the Chokka industry cannot be ignored either. This industry pulls in foreign exchange for South Africa and creates thousands of jobs locally and the scientific research that is available about squid should be taken into account.
Show your support to stop  the Kouga becoming an industrial wasteland and attend this highly important public meeting. Together we can make a difference.

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