The Lost Generation

There is something profoundly disturbing about that fact that there is an estimated 143 – 163 million orphans in the world today.
Firstly we only know to the nearest 20 million how many of our young have no home, no voice, no hope and no future. This is a sad indictment on our generation that has failed to come to grips with the careless and even callous attitude society has developed towards the most vulnerable amongst us.
Not even in the animal kingdom do we see such wholesale abandonment of the young. Yet as humanity that is exactly what we are doing – we have abandoned our children and this has happened across the globe amongst all tribes and nations.
An estimated 34 million of these orphans live in sub Saharan Africa with around 3.8 million of them calling South Africa home according to SOS Children’s Villages SA.


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Stephen Lewis of the United Nations says. “Millions of children live traumatized, unstable lives, robbed not just of their parents, but of their childhoods and futures.”
Without a real safety net, street life is the recourse for many orphans, who often suffer from poor health, trauma and psychological distress, making them more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.
The 14 – 20 February has been declared WOW – World Orphan Week. And there are many ways in which one can help those who cannot help themselves.
Nationally one can support SOS and SMS the word ‘WOW’ to 36976 to donate R5. One could even clear out the cupboards and donate clothes, blankets and toys.
SOS - giving children their lives back

More information can be found by visiting their website here
In Jeffreys Bay the Victory for All project is well established and have foster homes, education and feeding projects for children in place.
More information about Victory for all can be found here
The real battle has just begun to claim the victory Jesus won. We cannot sit on the side lines in this battle and allow children to starve to death while we look on with apathy and disinterest when there is something tangible each one can do to help those who are in desperate need.

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