Guesthouse robbed twice in one day

Tourism suffered another blow in Jeffreys Bay yesterday as an upmarket guest house was robbed twice in the space of a few hours yesterday.
The first incident occurred at about 6:00 am when a guest, who is a regular customer of the establishment, woke up to find a person in his room.
The guest managed to chase the robber away but was understandably unhappy about the situation. Nobody was injured in the incident.
Four hours later the office of the guest house was robbed when the suspect gained access to the house by breaking off part of a jungle gym which was used as a ladder to gain access into the house.
It appears as if the robber was disturbed as cash was taken while a laptop was left behind.

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Tyron van Tonder, the owner of the guest house, says that other accommodation establishments have been robbed in Jeffreys Bay but that owners prefer to keep it quiet for fear that their businesses will be affected.
“Let’s face it, who would come and stay at a guest house knowing that there is the possibility of being robbed while you are sleeping?” asked Van Tonder.
Van Tonder added that it is time for guest house owners to admit there is a problem and to stand together to find a solution.
“The Community Police Forum (CPF) and the Police are trying to contain the problem but as can be seen from the incidents yesterday, crime has the potential to kill tourism in the town which will lead to more crime”, he said
Sue Smit, the secretary of the CPF said that many reports of movement at night in Noorsekloof (where the guest house is positioned) have been received.
“Residents have reported that dogs barking and birds being disturbed happens between 12 and 2 am but this pattern seems to have shifted to the early hours of the morning recently’, said Smit
The CPF is planning more joint operations between the community, the Police and Law Enforcement especially in Wavecrest to try stem the tide of crime in the suburb.

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