Bush Sleepers in Supertubes Park

After the Christmas break, the Supertubes Surfing Foundation has been hard at work cleaning the fabled Supertubes beach and the maintenance of the Park. During the week Zack Davidson who works for the Foundation began work on the Plant Rescue Centre.
All the leaves that were raked up will be used on the compost heap. The plants in bags look remarkably good despite the drastic drought and the fact that the plants have not received any Municipal water since October 2009.


Zack Davidson keeping the Supertubes Park clean.

Next week Zack will be spreading compost onto the beds in the Supertubes Park and try contain any moisture in the soil.
Unfortunately the Park is once again being besieged by bush sleepers who are climbing over, under and through the fences, breaking the trees and plants and leaving a trail of debris in their wake.
“Some don’t even bother to scale the fences, they just lay their cardboard on top of the plants and sleep for the night” said Alison Kuhl from the Foundation. “We will engage with the Jeffreys Bay CPF and Law Enforcement to try solve the problem otherwise it will just get out of hand here again”, she added”.

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