Hard core Drugs available in J’Bay

The community of Jeffreys Bay identified drugs as being a major problem with drug dealers seemingly operating with impunity in the town.
The number of addicts from all walks of life seeking help from Ucan, the drug rehabilitation center has rocked the small coastal town and the fact that drugs are easy to obtain can no longer be denied.
Heroin, tik, ecstasy, cocaine and LSD are all available in the town with foreigners fingered as being the primary drug dealers by the local community at the Community Police Forum (CPF) meeting held last night.

However, the Police warned that drug users will be charged and prosecuted for any crimes they commit, even if they are prepared to enter into a drug rehabilitation programme.
Captain Rudi Kock, the no nonsense head of the Detective branch in Jeffreys Bay said at the CPF meeting that his men will arrest and try to convict any drug user who commits a crime in the town.
“The courts may decide to send a suspect to a drug rehabilitation programme as part of the sentencing but drug users mustn’t think they will get off the hook and not be arrested for any crimes they commit”, said Kock.
The Jeffreys Bay community was also challenged to join in the war against drugs and to bring information about drug dealers to the Police. A fear that informants would be publically identified and then targeted by the powerful drug lords was addressed by Captain Botes of the Jeffreys Bay Crime Prevention Unit.
“The Police has an informant system in place that protects members of the public who bring us information”, said Botes. “We need information to enable us to get search warrants and catch these drug dealers with the drugs in their possession”, she added.

Anyone who has credible information about drug dealing can go to the Police Station and ask to see Captain Botes or can relay the information through to the Community Police Forum (CPF) by emailing [email protected]
However, the community is also urged not to spread rumours but to only act if the information is first hand and known to the truth.

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