Make sure you have your say

The sewage on our beaches are a sure indication that things are not all well in Jeffreys Bay. Basic services are being brought to their knees due to the incompetent manner in which our town is being governed.

The upcoming Municipal elections are the only way residents can really make a difference. The current mob that is running the town need to voted out of power and that is easier said than done.

Jeffreys Bay has been divided into wards where residents can vote for their choice of candidates. Across the entire Kouga region, more wards have been created that seem to favour the ANC, who are currently in power.

Stop the sewage and lets get the Blue Flag back

Yet that is no reason to decide not to vote in the upcoming elections. The only real option for an regime change in Jeffreys Bay appears to be the DA. They have the experience in managing the town both from a municipal official viewpoint as well as from the political level.

It is easy to put blame on residents not paying their rates for the the problems being experienced in Jeffreys Bay, but the infrastructural decline has been coming for years now and unless something is done to stop the rot, the slide into a 3rd World shambles will continue unabated.

We are a democracy. Make use of your rights as a citizen of this town and make sure you can vote. There are a number if ways in which to find out if you are registered and whether you need to re-registered due to the change in the Wards.

There are registration stations at the following venues in Jeffreys Bay:

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Ward 3           Tent in Tecoma Street,

Ward 8           NG-Kerk

Ward 11         Newton Hall

Ward 2           Pellsrus Community Hall

Ward 14         Tokyo Sexwale Creche and Aston Bay Hall

One can also sms your ID number to 32810 and see if you still registered in the Ward where you live or visit the IEC website and check online by clicking here