Kids play in Sewage Dam on Main Beach

The lives of children are literally being put at risk in Jeffreys Bay with the building of yet another dam on Main Beach to contain the latest sewage spill.
The Kouga Municipality has obviously not even started working on a solution to the loss of the tourist friendly Blue Flag status for Main Beach, if the latest spill is anything to go by. Children were quite happily playing in the effluent, completely oblivious to the fact that they were not swimming in a safe pool, but actually putting their lives at risk by swimming in raw sewage.

Children at play in a sewage dam in Jeffreys Bay

The loss of the Blue Flag will negatively affect tourism in Jeffreys Bay, which is prime provider of jobs in the town. The community has been very vocal about the problem of sewage spills since the early 2000’s yet the local Council has simply failed to come up with a solution.
Sending convoys of trucks to suck up the effluent and building dam walls is not a solution and cannot be accepted as such. The fact remains that the sewage system of Jeffreys Bay is where the problem lies and the community must start demanding that the necessary infrastructure upgrades  be carried out before a life is lost to an e coli related disease.
The Municipal answer to sewage spills - just suck it up and throw Jeyes fluid

2011 is municipal election year and the community must use this opportunity to vote and put competent people in charge of our town and our safety. Voter registration takes place this weekend, so make sure your name appears on the voters roll.
Its time to make a change in Jeffreys Bay so that we can start enjoying our beaches again and bring the tourists back by offering a Blue Flag beach that does not have sewage dams that can actually kill people.

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