New crime trend in J'Bay

The Jeffreys Bay Police have made an appeal to the public to be on the lookout for motor vehicles being towed or loaded onto trailers at night. Criminals are now using this method to steal cars and leave the town.
The majority of vehicles that are stolen in Jeffreys Bay are taken at night with all suburbs being affected by the crime. The Neighbourhood Watches and the Community Police Forum (CPF) will be ensuring that all the patrols are aware of the situation and they will be keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviour.
Warrant Officer Petra Els from the Jeffreys Bay Police Station also requests residents to report anything suspicious movement in their neighbourhoods to the Police immediately to try prevent crime from occurring.

Movement at night has been reported by the community in the Plane Crescent area. Should anybody hear dogs barking and see any activity late at night, do not hesitate to phone the Police on 042 200 6800 immediately. If any problems are experienced getting through to the Charge Office, send an email to [email protected], stating the date and time the problem was experienced.

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