Big shark caught off J'Bay

Local fisherman Joe Jonker had a huge battle recently when a 171 kg Ragged Tooth Shark took his line off Kabeljous beach. The big shark put up a fight and it took Joe around half an hour to land it on the beach.
This is the second big shark that Jonker has caught. “The first one was also a Raggie and weighed 169 kg. Kabeljous Beach seems to be the spot where the big sharks can be found”, said Jonker. “We normally catch and release so we do not disturb the breeding cycles of the sharks”.

Joe Jonker with a Raggie caught off Kabeljous beach.

Jeffreys Bay is home to a large Ragged Tooth population with populations off the Marina Martinique reef and the Kabeljous Beach. The sharks are nocturnal hunters, which explains why so many of the bigger ones are caught at night. Although the Raggie looks frightening in appearance, it is relatively docile and will not attack a human being unless it is threatened.
There are many species of shark to be found off Jeffreys Bay with even the feared Great White Shark being found in our waters. The first ever attack on a surfer occurred in 1990 when a Great White attacked a surfer at Supertubes. Well known local Koffie Jacobs was hit off his surfboard shortly before that incident in what could also have been a case of a Great White investigating possible prey.
Mako sharks are also regularly seen jumping into the air off the coast while Hammerhead sharks are also regularly spotted. Although the Zambezi shark is more tropical in nature, it would not be unreasonable to think that the odd Zambezi would be found swimming down the coast.

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