Alleged rapist arrested by Police

A manhunt for a a man suspected of raping an elderly woman in Humansdorp for an extended period of time ended this week when the Humansdorp Police captured the suspect after an intensive investigation.
The man, who is employed in the Chokka industry allegedly broke into the woman’s home and held her captive while repeatedly raping her. The Police left no stone unturned in an effort to arrest and charge the thug involved.
Initially it was suspected that he had embarked onto a boat and had left for sea but information was obtained that he had been buying drugs in one of the Humansdorp townships. Acting on this information, the Police were able to make an arrest.
The Cacadu Municipality (which includes the Kouga) has also been identified by the Institute of Race Relations as having the highest murder rate in South Africa and the second highest rate of sexual offenses in the country.
The institute said it used raw figures from the SA Police Service and population figures from the SA Local Government Association to calculate the municipalities’ crime rates per 100,000 people.
Johannesburg had the highest rates of aggravated and business robberies, and the second highest rate of residential robbery in South Africa.

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