Surfer dies in horrific shark attack

A young surfer died when he was attacked by a shark at Port St Johns yesterday. Zama Ndamase (16), a provincial surfer for Border was surfing with his brother Avuyile, at Second Beach Port St Johns when the attack occurred.

The talented surfer is the fifth shark victim at this notorious beach in the last three years. Four of the attacks have been fatal.
According to reports Zama managed to catch a wave after being bitten and attempted to reach the shore. Tragically he bled to death in the water before he could be reached by the lifeguards and rescue craft.

Zama Ndamasa was killed by a shark at Port St Johns yesterday.

Zama was one of the most talented surfers to emerge from this remote region and was a leader among the up and coming wave riders in the area. He represented Border at the SA Grommet Games and at the SA Junior Championships in Cape Town last October.
Representatives and members of Border Surfriders Association (BSA), Surfing South Africa, Zama’s coach and mentor Mike Gatke, his East London based teammates and the local surfers are devastated by the tragedy.
The South African surf community is in a state of shock this morning. Zama Ndamasa RIP

There is real concern that the surfers who were in the water during the attack will not be able to cope and plans are being made to send a counselor to the area to help the locals handle the tragedy.
At this stage it is unknown what species of shark attacked Zama. However, the Zambezi shark and well as Great White sharks are predators often found in the waters off Port St Johns.

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