African Grey parrot missing in J'Bay

Local resident Jacques Bezuidenhout is urgently seeking his African Grey Parrot that flew away on Friday evening.
The parrot was spotted on a roof of a house on the corner of AD Keet Street and Seetuin Road yesterday early yesterday morning. However, he then flew away again in the direction of Poplar Street in Wavecrest.

The African Grey, which responds to the name “Jinx” is very tame and talks quite a lot. He will say word likes “Hallo”, “Choppies”, “Jacque Toe” and likes to imitate Hadida’s and the barking of small dogs.
Jinx likes to eat chicken bones and cheese curls. Should anybody spot him they should try and attract his attention with food and then only them attempt to catch him.
Jacques can be contacted on 072 184 0287

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