This is a democracy – you have a say!

2011 is a big year for South Africans as we will be going to the voting stations to elect those who will lead us in local affairs for the next five years.

There are many worrying signs that all is not well in the municipalities of South Africa. The department of Water Affairs identified in their “Green Drop” report that country wide the country’s sewage systems are collapsing as one example of the problems caused by mismanagement.
The Kouga Municipality were not even assessed as they did not respond timeously to the Department, so we do not actually know what the state of our sewage works is.

A common sight at Main beach - another sewage dam.

However, based on the number of times raw effluent landed up on Main beach in 2010 and the reasons given by the Municipality for the spills, it would appear that residents of Jeffreys Bay should be highly concerned about our sewage works.


The 5 and 6 February have been earmarked for residents to register as voters should they not already be eligible to vote.

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It is easy to check to find out if you are already a registered voter. One can log onto the elections website here to check if you are registered by entering your ID number.

This process will also identify if you are registered in the right place to vote i.e. if you have moved towns or suburbs since the last municipal election, you may have to register again.

Don’t leave your future well being to chance. Take the effort and register and have your say. That is what democracy is all about.

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