Live Lean and Love Life

The year has begun and there is a lot of hope that 2011 will be a good year. Some things will be out of the control of an individual person, such as the state of the global economy and the effect that it will have on the finances of locals in Jeffreys Bay.
There are other things like our personal health that we can take ownership of and finding a personal trainer to help, is one way of achieving physical goals one may set for the new year. Jeffreys Bay residents can always gain some inspiration from local iron man Leonard Pieters.
Leonard has been involved with the health and fitness industry since 1995. He was a competitive body builder while in the South African Navy in Simonstown and represented the SADF at the Western Province body building Championships.

Leonard Pieters training at his personal studio,

At the same time Leonard was studying a Fitness and Nutrition diploma course through UCT. The highlights of his body building career was winning the Orange Free State middleweight division and coming 8th in SA Championships.
After resigning from the Navy, Leonard went to Bloemfontein and worked at the Training Edge Gym and did more personal training courses and practical workshops there. “Then it was off to the UK for 4 years where I worked as a personal trainer at the LA Fitness Health Club. Lady Diana used to train at the gym and every Wednesday morning the gym was closed for her to train with her body guards and personal trainers. Hulk Hogan, the actor also used to train there”, said Leonard.
“I then returned to SA and moved to Jeffreys Bay because the crime rate was getting out of control in other parts of SA and I had family here. I was a trainer at a local gym and then decided to open my own studio to cater for my growing clientele”. Leonard’s personal training philosophy is helping people to understand the human body and how it is affected by training, nutrition and lifestyle.
Phone 079 886 7899 and start to live lean and Love Life in 2011

New clients start with an assessment of their physical needs and what their personal goals are. “One of the biggest success stories is Nick Melck who came to me a couple of years ago as he needed to lose a lot of weight for health reasons. We worked out a structured training and eating programme that saw Nick lose 40 kg over an 8 month period”.
“Live lean and love life” is Leonard’s motto and this applies to all aspects of life. “Why clutter your life with unnecessary goods and possessions when you don’t need them?” It’s the same with our health. We very often eat and drink to excess and then can’t understand why we pick up health problems”, says Leonard.
Simone Beets at Leonards Training Studio. Photo: RRAD Photography

Leonard offers affordable personal training at his home studio with a maximum of 4 people per group and believes in all over body workouts 5 days a week with a minimum 20 sessions a month being mandatory.
“Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and all my clients are monitored on a daily basis to ensure success” added Leonard.
“Training 5 times a week together with a structured eating plan ensures success and will see a change in body shape and improved health”.

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