Wooden box with ashes found on J'Bay beach

A day on the beach yielded a strange find for a Jeffreys Bay resident on Saturday when a wooden box was discovered. The box was handed in at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station and was opened by W/O Croucamp who was astounded to find cremated ashes therein. The box is unmarked and anyone missing the ashes of a loved one can contact Warrant Officer Petra Els at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station.
A total of 12 arrests were made over the weekend for drunken driving. Residents are urged to make use of a designated driver or use a cab when planning a big night out on the town. There are regular stop and approach operations being held in the town over weekends and the risk of being caught driving over the legal limit is very real.
The Jeffreys Bay Police would like to warn the public to take precautions when parking their vehicles outside. The theft of motor vehicles is a problem as out of town syndicates target Jeffreys Bay and it is impossible to block the entry and exit points of the town every night of the week.
There are measures one can take to protect your vehicle. Install an alarm and a steering or gear lock. Do not park your vehicle in dark spots and do not leave valuables lying around in your vehicle in clear sight. Remove your radio face cover and your GPRS if the vehicle has to remain outside overnight.

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